Latest Imaginary Trip doings-didn’t finish the trip again!

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Cat of the Acropolis

Kalamata Station

Crete Scenes


Well now, here are 3 of 6 weeks worth of Laure Ferlita’s Imaginary Trip to Greece.  As far as I got.

Don’t know why I have such a hard time keeping up,  it’s not hard work.  But it IS hard to get out my supplies and sit down to paint.

I’ve been determined to keep at it till I’m not so stinkin’ afraid of wasting paper, looks like it will be a long haul.

Laure will be offering self-directed “trips” giving us lots more time.  When those go live I’ll try that.


So what are you up to?

Next Lesson on Imaginary Trip

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Swan Bits

Here’s where I got the main photo reference:,_October_2009.JPG

Next stop on this trip was a bus breakdown.   So I sketched the local swans.

I never knew they had almost black legs and feet and their knees/elbows are knobby!

2 more lessons to go and it will be on to Laure Ferlita’s Greece Trip!


Imaginary Trip to Ireland

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Here’s what I’ve been doing.  These are the first 3 weeks of Laure Ferlita’s Imaginary Trip to Ireland.

As usual, I’m learning a lot and having a fun time doing the assignments.  Seeing how everyone else does it really helps, especially when they share their struggles and color choices.  Several fellow travellers painted their palettes and I found that interesting comparing how they used the colors they had to what their painting came out like.

I appreciate that Laure won’t let us get snarky with ourselves we have to play nice.  With our own paintings.  We can tell what we had trouble doing and where we see we need improvements, but no nasty talking about anybody.  Even our own work.   This is a big deal for me, not having disclaimers on myself and I’m actually getting better at ‘seeing’ and controlling the paint.  At least, I think I am.

I signed up for her next Imaginary Trip, to Greece!


Oh, and here’s what my son did, playing for the first time with his Winsor and Newton field box.  He’s 29 and hasn’t painted watercolors since he was about 8 years old.  He just went at it, dab dab dab, no fear!  How DOES he do it?

Derek's first watercolor painting in 21 years!

Derek's second shot out of the box


Altoid Tin Palette my way

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Save the caps on your organic milk cartons, 6 of them fit snugly (I had to squish them in but not too much)  in a regular size Altoid tin.   They weigh very little and you can swap out your favorite colors as you like since they aren’t glued in.  (save lots of caps)  And for travel, 6 is probably an okay number of paints, maybe I’ll change my mind about that after I try it.

This tin needs to be painted white inside the lid for a mixing palette and I’ll need a separate thingy to carry brushes, paper and water.  But for now, it seems to be a good idea…..

Now I have to go pick my colors.  I’m just starting an Imaginary Trip to Ireland with Laure Ferlita and think I might use this tin for her trip as if I were really traveling.  At least use just the 6 colors I’ll choose for starters.

More on this later, so ya’ll come back now, ya hear?

Animusic, ever seen them?

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This was new to me, totally new idea…..I could watch this one for hours!

Next Project – CATS!

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Last week I started hearing a cat outside crying,  not yowling, but crying, on and off for several days.  It sounded pitiful…I know most of the neighbors’ cats and have never heard them make THAT kind of sound.  It tore at my heart is was so pathetic.

I figured someone might be hanging around and be hungry, so I started putting a bowl of eats and water out every night.  It’s been always gone by 10pm before bedtime. The third night I watched out the window to see who ate it.

Ha, this red guy shown above came to the porch steps, but the neighbor’s huge, overfed gray cat was already chowing down the eats on the porch.

Yesterday I got the idea to put food out in the morning around 10am, BINGO, these 2 cats came to my calls of “kitty kitty”.  The tiger won’t let the orange guy eat, so today I fed the tiger at the garage entrance and the orange guy on the back porch.  They both sleep upstairs in the garage, we have kitty-cozy-converted-foam-coolers for them.

Now I know who was howling, one of these guys.  Because I haven’t heard a peep since I’ve started feeding them.  Obviously they’ve been outside for a long time, their fur is heavy, winter hardy.  But they’re un-neutered, so that will be priority one.   After they get names.

The orange guy must have belonged to someone, he’s not afraid of me too much, the tabby guy is very skittish, so what’s his background is a guess.  Dumped ages ago by someone who abused him?  Born to a feral mom?  Don’t know.

We live in a small town, there are several people who feed abandoned cats.  Some, like me and my mom, will save up and have as many ‘fixed’ as we can.  Then they either stay outside and we care for them or if they prefer, they move inside.

So on my agenda very soon is to get listings going on ebay/etsy to save for medical bills for these two kitties.  And get them used to the trap so when our vet gets back from Florida, we can trap them one at a time and see to their neutering and shots.

My husband will want to have me locked up…….

How’s that?

Still Trying Watercolors!

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I’ve been working on my David Bellamy landscape parts, trying to paint a decent looking sky.  Very difficult, maybe I’m trying too hard, I’m saving all my attempts but won’t post them ’till I get better.  Or maybe I’ll post them anyway, I don’t know yet….

So, I’ve been wanting to ‘do’ the shelf above our stove.  Actually, I cut out some of the details, we have a string of christmas lights draped back and forth across the shelf brackets (that’s the stove top lighting), a Scandinavian waffle iron, pot holders and other stuff all hanging from hooks just under this part shown, but by the time I got the shelf items done, I was tired of fiddley bits and left them all out.

That orange round thing on the left is a dark yellow mirror, can’t you tell?  Ha ha ha.

My 2 guys tell me I should stick with landscape painting, after they saw this.  Well, I think I should paint what I want to, otherwise how will I get better?  If I try to paint it again and again, make a series, I gotta get better…or at least different?

Any rate, I’ll see it in years to come and will remember even the 2 match boxes on the left end.

What do ya think?

Blue sky at Morning

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For the first time in days, we’ve got a sky that’s not solid gray.   So I wanted to try my hand at capturing the colors.  About 8:30 this morning, and it changed very fast.  When I started there were a few clouds and lots of blue sky, within less than an hour, it’s all gray again.  And that tree actually looks pretty close to the one standing there, I surprised myself!

This view is out my west facing window, my favorite window, in the most inconvenient location in the house, the laundry room.  I used my Prang set, which I’m liking more all the time.  Just a few colors is great, no big decisions about what color to use next.


I’m trying to paint a bit or draw a bit of something every day and this Strathmore Visual  Mixed Media paper journal is working well.   It calls to me without being pretentious!  Gotta not scare the elephant…..

Actually, I just read something that really caught my attention, from Joe Miller’s book “Old Watercolorists Never Die, They Just Wet Their Sheets”  (which is like listening to an old, trusted painting friend, a keeper book)  Joe says, on page 26  “Isn’t it funny how we listen to that little voice inside our heads.  I hear it loudest when it says,  ‘Joe, that’s that’s the worst painting Ive ever seen.’   But when it brags on me, I can hardly hear it at all.  I’d like to know what gives that little voice the right to critique my work?  When and how did he become the expert?”

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, or something.




Watercolor Self Directed Class – Ha!

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Recently I discovered, from youtube, David Bellamy.  I got some of his books out of the library and have bought a couple for my own.

The first is his Watercolour Landscape Course, since I need all the help I can get and I also have a hard time figuring out WHAT to do when I sit down to draw or paint.  I’ve thought about going around my kitchen, but that would be so revealing, like the clutter everywhere…. so I’m starting this book, not quite at the beginning….I think I’ll go back to trying out plain flat washes, which I skipped over to this more interesting lesson.

One thing that caught me right away was his mention of being a beginner watercolor painter for 15 years….sounds like he knows how I think!  He also says to save everything so you can see how you progress….painful, but important. And he gets you going right out of the box, painting.

So, what I’m proposing, in an effort to keep my ADHD brain on track, is to post every Friday, regularly, to see how I do and trick myself into doing something every week.  I need a schedule, a deadline and a focus.   That often helps, as long as I stay on this tangent.  And remember to do it.

Anyone else have this problem?  Any tips or hints, please?  No critical comments on my skill level, please.  I’m letting myself continue to be a beginner, so there it is.


Wow, I’m back (thank you, Laure!)

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Thank you Laure Ferlita for alerting to me the fact that my blog had disappeared!

My domain name had come up for renewal, my son handles all that stuff for me, and they sent the renewal notice to an email address he hasn’t used in years…for some unfathomable reason.  So, my domain expired.   December was a weird,nasty month so I never noticed.

Enter Laure, who emailed me to ask what happened.

Derek got on it and finally got me back up and running…..Thank you Laure and Derek.


Here’s a photo I took last week of Tweetie, who is not supposed to be on the stove.   Apparently she got up there and fell asleep.  She has asthma, and I don’t think breathing in the minute amounts of gas are doing her lungs any good.  We call her Miss Withers, from the movie, Murder By Death.  If you’ve seen this silly movie, you’ll understand-breathing in all the gas.